Monday, September 13, 2010


Shoes for Kicks

You may or may not know that the Federal Trade Commission has revised it guides governing endorsements and testimonials. What does this do for you? Part of these changes are meant to hold the online community to the same standards as the offline community. As long as this is done fairly I see it as a good thing. Here is more information on FTC Endorsement Guide for your convenience.

I actually welcome this call to transparency. It gives me an opportunity to let you see into my character. For you younger readers I am talking about how I roll.

There are two reasons this blog exist. 1.) To showcase the designs of Zazzler shopkeepers, mine included. 2.) To make a living for my family. Due to health issues I am unable to work outside the home. Rather than apply for disability I am trying to earn money working from home. I will always do so in an ethical manner. I know what it is like to be ripped off and deceived. I will not do that to someone else.

Does this blog make money? I surely hope it will. As of today, September 14 2010, it has not. What are the methods used to monetize this blog? The products you see on Zazzler have special links. Those links contain information that identifies me as an affiliate. If you were to click those links and purchase a product I may receive a commission. Other affiliate links are also placed within the text of my post. Not all links I place on this blog are affiliate links. It would be nice if they were though.

Another way I may make money from this blog is advertisements. If I do place an ad on my blog I will do so in hopes of making money from it. Placing a product or advertisement on this or any blog or website does not mean I have made an endorsement. I does not even mean I have been paid. I would like to be paid to show advertisements :). If I am it still will not constitute an endorsement. If I do endorse anything I will clearly say so.

Do I receive free products or money in exchange for testimonials or reviews? As of today (September 14 2010 I have not. This really isn't a review blog so there isn't much chance of that happening. I am not above accepting freebies however. If you want to send me a free product or money please feel free to do so. I will be happy. If you want a testimonial or review in exchange you may not necessarily be happy with what I have to say. Whatever I do say will be my opinion. Also I will not be obligated to return any such products or money.

Shoes for Kicks Disclaimer Disclaimer

This disclaimer was originally posted on September 14 2010. Any date shown above or below the post may not reflect the actual post date. In order to make this what is known as a Static Page a past date may be used. This is not meant to deceive or cause confusion. It is only done to create some kind of organized state to my pages. I am not very organized nor am I an expert at using Blogger or any other web related medium.

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