Friday, December 23, 2016

Canvas Black and White Argyle Shoes

These black and white argyle shoes are a great choice whether you like retro or modern styles. With Artsadd's large shoe line I was able to make this design available for the whole family. Chukka style canvas shoes for women and men plus canvas lace up and velcro shoes for children. This is just a sample of the selection.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Colorful Spiral Fractal Shoes

I've got another new shoe shop for my designs at Their great styles are an excellent match to my designs. Today's design is a colorful 3D fractal spiral in shades of yellow, blue, green and fuchsia. Not all of my designs are this wild and colorful :).

Streetwear Sneakers

Hidden Wedge High Tops

High Tops

Canvas Shoes

Low Tops

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Black and Lavender Fractal Shoes

This beautiful fractal pattern resembles black and lavender floral shapes that seem to spark and grow new flowers each one connected to the one before it.

Floral Fractal Black and Lavender shos
Women’s Canvas Chukka Shoes

customizable shoes for kids
Kids Velcro Low Tops

Lavender Floral Fractal
Kids Canvas Lace Up Shoes

Black and lavender high tops for women
Women's Action Leather High Tops

Black and Lavender Fractal Floral
Women's Canvas Lace Ups

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